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Robert C. Owens is a self-taught portrait artist born and raised on the South Side of
Chicago, Illinois. Robert comes from a family of artist. As long as he can remember he
has admired his mother’s uncanny artistic abilities. At the age of six years old Robert
discovered his artistic gift after completing a school assignment for which he was tasked
with drawing a church. Robert recalls being astonished that he replicated the image the
image so closely. Subsequently, Robert continued to practice his craft as a child and
became popular amongst his peers for his artistic abilities. Since then Robert has
crafted his own unique artistic style and is skilled in all mediums. Roberts artistic
preference is hyper-realistic pencil portraits and oil paintings. Additionally, Robert
serves the city of Chicago as a Chicago Firefighter/EMT and practices Psychotherapy
as a master’s level clinical therapist on a contractual basis.

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Robert C. Owen usually focuses on black and white, highly detailed pencil portraits but is extremely skilled in his unique oil painting technique. If you are interested in commissioning a custom portrait, pencil portraits start at $3,000 per bust and oil painting are $5,000 per bust.


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  • “My family will be forever grateful for this beautiful price of artwork.“
    Jamil Muhammad
    Jamil Muhammad
  • “Shall my great-great-great-great grandchildren cherish this piece as much as I do, as much as we do. My family will cherish this until the end of days.”
    Mahdi Muhammad
    Mahdi Muhammad